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Drop Bear Beer Co: New World Lager

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Drop Bear New World non alchoholic lager has a light aroma then a very dry, slightly hoppy taste with hints of citrus and a touch of balancing sweeter fruits. A slightly unexpected lingering, slightly bitter fruity aftertaste - not unpleasant but long. Definitely better when very cold. A refreshing, enjoyable and well executed lager


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Insel-Brauerei: Snorkeler's Sea Salt non-alcoholic IPA


Insel Snorkelers Sea Salt non alcoholic IPA has a mild, slightly fruity aroma and on initial tasting is medium bodied, moderately smooth and has soft fruit flavours. However the soft fruit flavours are quickly are overcome by contrasting bitterness that steadily intensifies, and then sharpens in the long lasting aftertaste. A very satisfying, well made and distinctive IPA.

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Brewer spotlight:

Infinite Session

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Infinite Session Beers.png

Infinite Session is a London based specialist brewer producing only alcohol free beers. All its beers are vegan and it predominantly uses UK sourced malts and US sourced hops. Its three beers, a Lager, American Pale Ale and an Indian Pale Ale are made using traditional processes with adjustments to cap their strength at 0.5%.  

Infinite Session average non alcoholic beer rating


Non alcoholic beer launch

Big Drop launch Nordic Collaboration

Big drop nordic collaboration beers

Big Drop Brewing have worked with four Nordic breweries to create their second edition of their World Collaboration Series. Four very different beers; 2 non alcoholic IPAs with berry flavours, a raspberry candy non alcoholic pastry sour and a coconut non alchoholic stout: Read more on Dryish


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5 to try

Dryish suggestions for non alcoholic IPAs to try in March 2021

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Five non alcoholic IPAs for February 202

5 non alcoholic IPA beers to try in February 2021- a wide range of tastes, most of which make full use of specific hops to add tropical, citrus or floral flavours against a bitter backdrop - refreshing and interesting. So why not give the following a try this February - Coast's Centennial IPABig Drop's Paradiso Citra IPAInfinite Session's Indian Pale Ale, Nirvana's Classic IPA or

Brewdog's Punk Alcohol Free IPA


News and views:

Dry January 2021: not so Dry?

A YouGov survey carried out in early January 2021 showed more than one in ten alcohol drinkers were planning to give up alcohol for Dry January. However the same survey showed that within a week three of every ten of those had drunk an alcoholic drink. Although this was seized on by the press and blamed on lockdown, the figure is almost identical to last year. If you’re trying to give up or reduce your alcohol intake, sample one (or all) of the Dry/ish 5 non alcoholic beers to try

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Style focus:

Non alcoholic Wheat Beer

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Wheat beer bottle style image.png

Wheat beers are relatively sweet with no bitterness, light and smooth, often with subtle hints of caramel or sweet fruits (such as apple). The best non-alcoholic wheat beers share these characteristics; alongside non-alcoholic lagers, non-alcoholic wheat beers are some of the most successful in replicating the characteristics of their alcoholic counterparts.


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Non alcoholic Guinness to re launch 'in spring'.

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According to an interview in the Evening Standard with Dayalan Nayager, the UK Managing Director of Diageo (which produces Guinness), alcohol-free Guinness is to be rolled out again in the next few months. He told The Standard that Guinness 0.0 would be relaunched after being recalled due to contamination now that the "production process is tighter". He added "The brand will come back to the market and we are looking at re-launching it in the spring."

Guinness Draught 00 image

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beerwulf logo small.png

Beerwulf is a leading online beer retailer - selling all kinds of beers including non alcoholic. The Beerwulf site has plenty of information on beers and brewers, although unfortunately non alcoholic beers are one of many areas of the market covered. Until recently Beerwulf offered an extensive range of continental European non alcoholic beers, but has recently cut this back; it's not clear whether this is Brexit related or a permanent change. However a key benefit of shopping at Beerwulf hasn't changed - you can order individual beers which is great for exploring new varieties and finding new favourites. Part of the Heineken Group


What non alcoholic beer can you find in supermarkets?


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Waitrose offers a limited range of non alcoholic beers on-line and a range in store that varies by store size. Like all supermarkets, its range and stock levels vary by region and by month. As with all supermarkets, minimum order levels apply to on line purchases


What non alcoholic beers are others recommending?


The Independent

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December 2020

14 best alcohol-free beers to rival the real thing

'In our taste test, we looked for beers that actually tasted like beer, and which give you the enjoyable experience and satisfying depth of flavour that you’re used to, minus the alcohol. Body is important too; we’re looking for lively beers with a full mouthfeel – a task many alcohol-free beers aren’t up to. We’re also looking for great options beyond the most commonly available styles, such as lager, to give you a wider choice. That said, accessibility is important. Among the craft brews, you’ll also find a number of mainstream beer brands in our list.'


Which non alcoholic beers are winning awards?

Great Taste Awards

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Great Taste Award Logo

Great Taste Awards have been awarded since 1993 and include all speciality food and drink sold in the UK, no matter in which country it’s made. Products can win a one, two or three star award after judging by more than 400 experts (chefs, buyers, critics and retailers). Non-alcoholic beers compete for awards against conventional beers rather than in a category of their own. Great Taste Award winning non-alcoholic beers in 2020 included Nirvana’s Bavarian Helles non-alcoholic Lager, Drop Bear Beer Co’s non-alcholic Tropical IPA, Lowlander’s Wit alcohol free beer and Lucky Saint’s unfiltered alcohol free Lager.