Dryish: About Dry/ish

Why try Dry/ish?

Dry/ish provides a straightforward guide to help people find a non-alcoholic beer they’ll enjoy.


Dry/ish is simple to use, providing clear information to help people decide which non-alcoholic beer to buy, from where. It is independent and isn’t linked to any brewer or retailer.


The number of non-alcoholic beers has grown dramatically over the last few years. Some are made by well-known big brands, others including some of the best are from small, or little-known specialist breweries. Many are great alternatives to conventional soft drinks or to an alcoholic beer.


Most guides to non-alcoholic beers are produced by stores whose main aim is to sell beer or by beer afficionados who give complex and detailed information that is hard to navigate. 


Newspaper columns, magazine articles and blogs about non-alcoholic often only include a small number of beers and most are included as a result of PR firms activities.


Dry/ish fills the gap by providing straightforward, accessible information to help people find the best non-alcoholic beer for them, easily and quickly.

About ratings and reviews on Dry/ish

Star ratings shown for each beer are calculated using an algorithm from reviews on retailer sites and untapped. Non-alcoholic beers are rated against each other, not against conventional beers, and are adjusted to eliminate preferences of reviewers for certain non alcoholic beer styles over others, for example for IPAs over Lagers. Ratings for beers with only a small number of reviewers are excluded

Dry/ish reviews and scores which are given in the detailed information on each beer are based on Dry/ish’s own view and taste. The ratings are straightforward from 5/5 for the best non-alcoholic beers Dry/ish has tasted down to 1/5 for non alcoholic beers Dry/ish would suggest avoiding. 


The Dry/ish story

During the first month of the Covid-19 crisis I decided to try non-alcoholic beer and was amazed at the wide range now available – the choice has exploded over the last few years. 


However it was hard to find the best non-alcoholic beer for me. Most advice on the best non-alcoholic beers is from stores whose main aim is to sell beer or from beer aficionados who give complex and detailed information on websites that are hard to navigate.


So I built Dryish.co.uk to provide straightforward, accessible information to help people select the best non-alcoholic beer for them and find out where to buy it. 

Dry/ish is independent. It has no connection to brewers or retailers and receives no funds from them. Dry/ish purchases all beers tested.

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