Dryish: Award winning beers

Non alcoholic beers are winning growing numbers of awards in international beer and international food and drink competitions.


Awards and award winners from three of the most important competitions for beers sold in the UK are shown here

World Beer Award

World Beer Awards Logo

The World Beer Awards are a well respected global award that claims to select the very best in all the international recognised styles, award and promote the world’s best beers. There were 2200 entries in 2020 and non alcoholic beer winners that year included Clausthaler’s Original Alcohol Free Beer, Drynks Smashed Alcohol Free Lager and Insel’s Skippers Alcohol Free Pilsner.

Great Taste Award

Great Taste Award Logo

Great Taste Awards have been awarded since 1993 and include all speciality food and drink sold in the UK, no matter in which country it’s made. Products can win a one, two or three star award after judging by more than 400 experts (chefs, buyers, critics and retailers). Non-alcoholic beers compete for awards against conventional beers rather than in a category of their own. Great Taste Award winning non-alcoholic beers in 2020 included Nirvana’s Bavarian Helles non-alcoholic Lager, Drop Bear Beer Co’s non-alcholic Tropical IPA, Lowlander’s Wit alcohol free beer and Lucky Saint’s unfiltered alcohol free Lager.

International Beer Challenge

International Beer Challenge Logo

The International Beer Challenge (IBC) is a long established award for beers produced in any country. The beers are judged by more than 70 experts in blind tastings and the best can win a Bronze, Silver or Gold medal depending on their quality and taste. In 2020 the IBC introduced a category for no and low alcohol beers while in previous years non-alcoholic beers had competed in a speciality beers category. 2020 Silver award winners included Big Drop Brewing’s Off Piste non-alcoholic Porter, Drynks’ Smashed Citrus, West Berkshire’s Solo non-alcoholic Pale Ale and Super Bock’s Preta.