Dryish:  Selected non alcoholic beers

5 non alcoholic IPAs to try

Dryish suggestions for non alcoholic IPAs to try in February 2021

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Five non alcoholic IPAs for February 202

5 non alcoholic IPA beers to try in February 2021- a wide range of tastes, most of which make full use of specific hops to add tropical, citrus or floral flavours against a bitter backdrop - refreshing and interesting. So why not give the following a try this February - 

Coast's Centennial IPA

Big Drop's Paradiso Citra IPA

Infinite Session's Indian Pale Ale

Nirvana's Classic IPA or

Brewdog's Punk Alcohol Free IPA

5 of the best non alcoholic Lagers:

Dryish suggested non alcoholic Lagers for January 2021

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5 best non alcholic Lagers January 2021

Dryish has selected five crisp and refreshing lagers that are great examples of how much non-alcoholic beers have improved:

Pistonhead Flat Tire

Nirvana's award winning Lager

Big Drop's seasonal Kodama,

Drop Bear's highly rated New World and

Brooklyn's easy to find Special Effects.


All will help make it easier to get through Dry January or any dry month!

5 non alcoholic beers to try first

Five great examples of different non alcoholic beer styles to try first

Five non alcoholic beers to start with.p

Dryish has selected 5 non alcoholic beers to sample first which are all easy to enjoy, well rated and easy to find in major stores. 

  1. Heineken 0.0 Lager

  2. Erdinger Alcohol Free Wheat Beer

  3. Lucky Saint Pilsener-style

  4. Brewdog Punk AF IPA

  5. Adnams Ghost Ship 0.5% Pale Ale