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Founded in 1900, Cervezas Ambar is an independent Spanish brewery that maintains the spirit of a constantly evolving family enterprise. With 18 beer varieties, it has more specialities than any other brand. It continues to produce beer at the same brewery where it began operations in the early part of the last century, located in the historic San José neighbourhood. There they maintain the craft processes of the 20th century, with their own malting facility and the only open vat fermentation room still in use anywhere in Spain.

Ambar: 0.0 Tostada Alcohol Free Beer 0.0% ABV non alcoholic beer



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Ambar: 0.0 Tostada Alcohol Free Beer




Mild, light lager

International Beer Challenge Award recipient

Dry/ish review

Ambar Tostada has a very gentle, almost imperceptible aroma of toasted malts. It is very light bodied indeed, bordering thin, and tastes very slightly of sweet toasted malt. The beer’s sweetness grows through its aftertaste, becoming almost (but not quite) cloying. Ambar Tostada is not in anyway an unpleasant beer but isn’t very rewarding or pleasurable - there are many equally refreshing but more enjoyable non alcoholic beers available.