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BRLO is a craft beer specialist based in Berlin and launched its first beers in late 2014. Its beers are brewed with artisanal qualities in small-scale batches. It completed its own brewery in 2018 and constantly experiments with new styles. It only works with selected raw material suppliers.

Brooklyn Brewery: Special Effects Alcohol Free Lager 0.5% ABV non alcoholic beer



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Brooklyn Brewery: Special Effects Alcohol Free Lager




Very light, slightly hoppy lager

Great Taste Award recipient

Top 5 Lager & Top 20 Beer

Dry/ish review

Brooklyn Special Effects is the first non alcoholic beer from one of the USA's largest craft brewers. A slightly hoppy aroma with a light taste but perhaps a little on the thin side. No stand out bitterness or sweetness and little aftertaste. As its easy to find and often the only choice, if it's all that's available it’s a pleasant-enough option but others are better.