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Erdinger is the largest family-owned wheat beer brewery. For over 130 years, it has been brewer in Erding, Bavaria in line with the Bavarian beer purity law. It produces 8 beers, including its alcohol free version, and exports globally.

Erdinger: Alkoholfrei Wheat Beer 0.5% ABV non alcoholic beer



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Erdinger: Alkoholfrei Wheat Beer

Wheat Beer

Wheat Beer


Smooth, well balanced bitter-sweetness

Top 5 Wheat Beer

Dry/ish review

A complex but light aroma blending hops, malt and caramel. A very lightly carbonated beer with a medium bodied, smooth sweet, malty taste balanced by a slight hoppy bitterness. A classic German wheat beer. However watch out for the sugar and calories – not a beer for anyone on a diet!