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First Chop was started in 2012 by Rik Garner as an offshoot of his First Chop bar and restaurant in North Manchester. It produced its millionth pint in 2018. It produces a wide and evolving range of beers including its non alcholic IPA, Yes. All First Chop beer is vegan friendly and the majority is gluten free.

First Chop: Yes Anytime Alcohol Free IPA 0.5% ABV non alcoholic beer



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First Chop: Yes Anytime Alcohol Free IPA




Hoppy burst, bitter hoppy flavours

Great Taste Award recipient

Dry/ish review

First chop Yes Anytime IPA has a gentle, sweet soft fruit aroma. In the mouth it is very light bodied, almost thin with a soft fruit taste that fades and gives way to a dominating bitterness. The soft fruit flavours return in the IPA’s aftertaste, providing more balance for the beer’s bitterness. Overall a nicely balanced but very light IPA.