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The Abbey Notre Dame de Leffe was founded in 1152 and a brewery was built there in 1240. The Abbey and its brewery were closed during the French revolution and the abbey was only re-established in 1929, while it took another 23 years for the brewery to restart (in 1952). Leffe is now owned by AB-Inbev. It produces a range of Belgian style ‘Abbey’ beers which are very widely distributed.

Leffe: Blonde: 0.0% Alcohol Free 0.0% ABV non alcoholic beer



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Leffe: Blonde: 0.0% Alcohol Free

Belgian & Specialty

Belgian & Specialty


Sweet ripe fruit and malt, bitter aftertaste

World beer award recipient

Dry/ish review

An intense sweet smell that’s reminiscent of overripe fruit. A pleasant-ish but one dimensional fruity taste that (for me) is ruined by its being excessively sweet. The long lasting aftertaste, in contrast, is bitter.