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The Maisel Brewery was founded by the Maisel brothers Hans and Eberhard in 1887 and continues to be owned and run by the Maisel family today. It is based in Upper Franconia, Germany. It was one of the first breweries to bring a wheat beer to market and remains a wheat beer specialist producing a single alcohol free variant alongside their alcoholic range.

Maisel's: Weisse Alkoholfrei Wheat Beer 0.5% ABV non alcoholic beer



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Maisel's: Weisse Alkoholfrei Wheat Beer

Wheat Beer

Wheat Beer


Orange scented, light and sweet

World beer award recipient

Top 5 Wheat Beer & Top 20 Beer

Dry/ish review

A strong orange scent. Very Light, sweet taste balanced by a slight sourness. Long lasting and not entirely pleasant sour after taste.