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Paulaner is a Munich based brewery founded by monks in around 1634 and since 1979 has been owned by the Schörghuber family. Its wheat beer is the number one in Germany and it has been producing successful non-alcoholic beers since 1986. It has brewhouses in Germany, China, Singapore and Russia. It has a strong focus on sustainability and has the highest level of environmental certification awarded by the EU.

Paulaner: Weissebier 0.0 Alcohol Free 0.0% ABV non alcoholic beer



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Paulaner: Weissebier 0.0 Alcohol Free

Wheat Beer

Wheat Beer


Subtle burnt toffee scent, citrus & caramel taste

Dry/ish review

A subtle burnt caramel/ toffee aroma. Very smooth and medium bodied with a pleasing hint of citrus balancing the sweet caramel taste. No bitterness at all – very much a classic wheat beer. A light aftertaste with hints of caramel.