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Samuel Smith of Tadcaster is Yorkshire’s oldest brewery, established in 1758. It brews a wide range of beers using solely natural ingredients, operate around 200 pubs, predominantly in the North of England and run several hotels. The brewery uses traditional methods to ferment almost all its ales and stouts the same yeast strain has been used since the 1800s. It produces its own oak barrels for its naturally conditioned ale and still uses Shire horses to pull a cart delivering its beer in Tadcaster. It produces a single no/low alcohol beer, a brown ale in its range of nearly 20 bottled ales and fruit beers.

Samuel Smith: Alcohol Free Sams Brown Ale 0.5% ABV non alcoholic beer



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Samuel Smith: Alcohol Free Sams Brown Ale

Brown Ale

Brown Ale


Light bodied, well balanced malt and bitterness

Top 5 Brown Ale

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A well-executed and enjoyable non-alcoholic version of a brown ale. Deep brown colour with a malty aroma. Light bodied without any thinness, and a well-balanced malty but bitter taste. The aftertaste maintains both bitterness and maltiness.