Ghost Ship Alcohol Free Pale Ale 0.5%



Pale Ale


0.5% ABV

23 kcal/100ml

0 g sugar/100ml

Brewer's description:

Ghost Ship 0.5% has the taste and aroma of Ghost Ship 4.5%, but with almost all the alcohol removed. So you’ll still get to experience that famous citrus kick and smell lovely lemon and lime, when occasion or preference dictates less alcohol

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Dry/ish rating


Dry/ish Top 5 Pale Ale

Dryish opinion

There's no doubt that Adnams Ghost Ship Alcohol Free is a citrus Pale Ale from the first smell - it has an intense citrus aroma, almost (to some palates, perhaps) overwhelming. Tart, bitter taste almost to the point of being sour. Short, bitter (but not unpleasant) aftertaste. No sweetness at all. Not neccessarily to everyone's taste, but if you like the alcoholic version of Adnam’s Ghost Ship or an intensely bitter pale ale then you’ll almost certainly enjoy this.

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International beer awards....

World Beer Award 2019 Gold
World Beer Award 2018 Bronze
International Beer Challenge 2018 Bronze Medallist