Big Drop Brewing Co



Ryed Said Fred Juniper Rye IPA




20 IBU


0.5% ABV

24 kcal/100ml

3 g sugar/100ml

Brewer's description:

One of four collaborations with Nordic brewers, in this case Fat Lizard - complex background of flavours, most notably spiciness from the rye heavy mash, subtle nutty herbal undertones, intertwining with punchy and assertive botanical notes of juniper. Delivering a rich toasty goodness, followed up with an fresh aromatic flourish and bitter finish curated from a handpicked selection of hops.

Drinker rating (info)


Dry/ish rating


Dryish opinion

Big Drop Rye’d said Fred Alcohol Free Juniper IPA is the most disappointing of those created for this Big Drop Nordic collaboration. It suffers from an indistinct aroma and a very light, somewhat muddled smorgasbord of flavours which are further weakened by the beer's slightly thin feel in the mouth. What’s more, almost any hint of the taste Juniper is well and truly buried, although it emerges in the aftertaste which it dominates.

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