Binary Botanical



Aromatic Alcohol Free Table Beer



Pale Ale


0.5% ABV

TBC kcal/100ml

TBC g sugar/100ml

Brewer's description:

Binary Botanical Aromatic Alcohol Free Table Beer is quite simply delicious, with recognisable wine and cider notes and all the refreshing attributes of a traditional beer.

A High intensity of tropical fruit flavours including passion fruit, white peach, guava, gooseberries and a slight grapefruit aroma. These are followed by hints of elderflower, rosemary, pepper and with a delicate sweetness balanced by the astringency of the hop leaves.

Drinker rating (info)


Dry/ish rating


Dryish opinion

Binary Botanicals Aromatic Alcohol Free Table Beer is an unusual beer with a candied fruit and hop aroma. It’s very light bodied indeed, perhaps slightly too thin, and has a surprisingly sweet, hoppy taste and gentle aftertaste. Overall a very straightforward and easy drinking non alcoholic alternative.

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International beer awards....

Great Taste Award 1* 2019