Drop Bear Beer Co



Yuzu Pale Ale



Pale Ale


0.4% ABV

8 kcal/100ml

0 g sugar/100ml

Brewer's description:

Drop Bear Yuzu Pale Ale is the perfect summer non-alcoholic beer. Easy drinking for the fierce, this alcohol free pale ale has a lot to shout about! Dry hopped with refreshing floral and grapefruit hops, a splash of yuzu bursts through the toffee base to create a perfect harmony of flavours. A non-alcoholic beer like no other, this beast is best served bloody cold!

Drinker rating (info)


Dry/ish rating


Dryish opinion

A strong citrus smell somewhat overpowers other aromas (yuzu is a citrus fruit, although it only provides a generic citrus flavour in this beer). The citrus theme continues into the taste which is not-unpleasantly sharp and sour. However the sour aftertaste is unsubtle and lingers longer than might be ideal. Very refreshing and slightly less intimidating than some other intensely bitter pale ales.

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