Estrella Galicia



Alcohol Free Beer





0.0% ABV

21 kcal/100ml

2 g sugar/100ml

Brewer's description:

Estrella Galicia 0,0 is brewed through a broken fermentation process. It is an exquisite non-alcoholic beer with is reminiscent of the typical colours of pilsner beers. Its flavour is sweet but not excessively so. When trying it, you will soon be surprised as you enjoy the aromatic balance between the malt and hops and the characteristic bitterness of our beers.

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Dry/ish rating


Dryish opinion

Estrella Galicia Alcohol Free Beer Is a non-alcoholic derivative of Estrella Galicia, the popular Spanish lager. It has a very light malt aroma and a slightly bitter malty taste that becomes increasingly sweet and then continues in the aftertaste. It is thin bodied - slightly watery - which unfortunately detracts from the overall drinking experience. Perhaps one for fans of Estrella Galicia’s alcoholic beer who are looking for something with no alcohol: otherwise there are other better non alcoholic lagers to try.

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