Premium Alcohol Free Beer



Pale Ale


0.0% ABV

19 kcal/100ml

1 g sugar/100ml

Brewer's description:

Freestar Premium Beer is a 0% beer created from scratch, that’s crisp and refreshing, featuring those mature, complex flavour qualities that all seriously delicious drinks contain, alcohol-free or otherwise.

Freestar creates 70% less waste and uses 80% less water than other alcohol-free beers. It’s made from the same things a regular beer is: malted barley, hops and water. We just skip the yeast, which is what ferments to make the booze in a regular beer. Instead we use a banging mix of super high quality, hand selected natural ingredients to build up the flavour complexity.

Drinker rating (info)


Dry/ish rating


Dryish opinion

A very strong grapefruit /citrus smell - almost off putting. Very sour and bitter with no sweetness at all. Strong flavours but not a conventional beer taste - more an alternative soft drink than a non-alcoholic beer. A bitter aftertaste.

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